In 2001, Elettromedia challenges the Italian market once again, revolutionizing it, by creating the
Masters Network, the first network of specialty car audio centres, nowadays boasting over 130 specialty centres, distributed all across Italy.

All the Masters Centres have the exclusive rights to distribute the top product lines: Audison Thesis and Hertz Mille. The HIT Masters Centres, selected every year by Audison, Hertz and Clarion, represent the Network’s elite.

institute for professional training
of Car Stereo Specialty Centres

Through this project, Elettromedia also supports training in the car audio industry. The Masters Network can boast its own institute which, by developing the centres’ technical and professional skills, is guarantee of excellence in the offering and in the service to customers: it is the Masters Training Institute (MTI), an actual school established in 2002 and open to all market operators, where theory and practice alternate for a complete training.

The MTI Headquarters are based in Castelfidardo, province of Ancona; it is no coincidence that it is a town rooted in a strong musical tradition.
The facilities, provided with appropriate and groundbreaking tools, were designed to meet any educational needs: a multimedia room for theoretical trainings, where classes and on-line simulations can be held; another area for hands-on trainings, with working benches and equipment; a laboratory for special workings; and, last but not least, a show-room complying the Masters Network’s criteria, set up like an actual installation centre.
The Masters Institute is the benchmark for those who want to undertake the professional installer’s activity, a real Car Audio research laboratory for studying, practicing, and experimenting.
The Masters and MTI project, originally thought for the Italian market, has nowadays gone beyond the national borders, enjoying worldwide appreciation, from Northern Europe to United States to South-East Asia.