In Elettromedia every new project comes from the fans’ and enthusiasts’ needs, and it is driven by our vision of innovative products always representing a challenge to the current knowledge of the market.

The engine making the idea real are determination and ambition to be the first to create new technical solutions.

Therefore, further to our original results, through internal pioneering research activities, we develop masterpieces of technology and design, thanks to our cooperators’ smart design and impressive mastery.



Engineers’ know-how and experience in designing printed circuit boards, which the electronic will derive from, is fundamental to achieve the Audison sound. A project is finished from its theoretical model defined with simulations; it is then put into effect by building a prototype, to be then fine-tuned. The prototype is subject to several demanding laboratory tests, with the purpose of fine-tuning sound and checking the electronic also in the environment where it is actually going to work: laboratory tests, listening room tests, in-car tests.

After these accurate procedures, the new electronic is ready to be industrialized, documented and manufactured in a test batch, which is then shipped to a group of selected customers for further strict: tests on its cosmetic and functional features.

It is only then that, after examining the customers’ feedback, it is ready for the production lines.

Development criteria for designing speakers are the same as those for amplifiers. The research and development team has long-lasting, deep know-how of installation issues in car, which is a completely different environment from the home one, and can change users’ expectations into Fs, Cms, Mms.

When the features of a new product have been finalized, it is developed through a simulation software and complex sophisticated mathematical models which can re-create each of the parts of a speaker: the motor and its magnetic fields, the voice coil and its thermal capacity, the cone and its irradiation. A prototype follows this theoretical model and is then optimized inside the car compartment. Once all the tests have been carried out, design, research of materials and ergonomics are finalized, making the design phase complete.


The design of the new products is developed by a creative team inside the Elettromedia Design Center, constantly interacting with the R&D Division to finalize a project flawless under all aspects. Then the industrialization and pre-series phase starts. The latter, too, goes through very strict checks which insure all parameters are respected and, obviously, guarantees reliability. Production in series can only start if these final checks are successfully passed.