Quality Policy


ELETTROMEDIA intends to meet the expectations of those who want to experience the emotions of music in their cars, through the use of design components, the search for “impeccable” quality and without compromise and the application of exclusive technological solutions and directing every business activity to the creation of value for all the interested Parties: the owners, employees, co-workers, suppliers, customers, consumers and local community.


ELETTROMEDIA represents the reflection of a territory rich in culture and passion, not only for music and for musical instruments.

More than thirty years ago, a group of electronic technicians, who shared the same passion for High Fidelity, began to design and build the first products for the car audio industry, in a garage located in via Guglielmo Marconi.
The culture of creativity adequately balanced with the engineering technique, the attention to details pushed to the achievement of perfection, the customer orientation to be intended as the ability to interpret the consumer’s tastes and expectations in order to evoke a real pleasure from sound, the strength of the group as an excellent synthesis of human and technological resources are, since 1987, the founding values for the pursuit of the corporate vision.

Quality System

To achieve the desired goals of excellence, starting from the values mentioned above, the Company has implemented a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001: 2015 and set out appropriate actions to limit the risks of failure and seize opportunities for improvement , through a strategy based on the trinomial PEOPLE – PROCESSES – PERFORMANCE.

These actions consist of:

  • continuous training and updating of personnel on electronic and electroacoustic technologies and management methods;
  • research and develop innovative technological solutions to support design;
  • adopt production planning and control methods to reduce waiting times and meet the agreed delivery schedules;
  • analyze the feedback from After-Sales Service Centers, Distributors and from communication channels with the outside world (eg. social media) in order to place increasingly reliable and high-performance products on the market;
  • systematically monitor management data to contain costs and ensure efficient processes.

The rules and practices established and agreed upon with the entire organization have been made official, starting from and enhancing what is already available in the Company, in specific documents and procedures that guide staff in carrying out daily activities.

All staff, through direct involvement also including consultants, is constantly trained and sensitized to achieve the objectives set for their area of expertise, to fight against and eliminate inefficiencies, to propose actions for the improvement of processes and to increase their knowledge.

Elettromedia considers Quality a strategic tool to achieve excellence and value: an objective to pursue in all the organisation’s activities and a policy of prevention and involvement of both internal and external collaborators.

Unconditional commitment to maximum quality

Rev.12 01/06/2021

Adopting a policy for Quality means for Elettromedia to optimise all business processes in order to obtain maximum customer satisfaction, whether the clients are end-users or installers. To achieve this, all employees and contractors are involved in pursuing continuous improvement. Everyone is asked to find and suggest the best practices that could satisfy all customers’ needs and promote a more efficient use of the time estimated for their own activities.

Besides technological records, decreed by the MIUR certification in 2005, Elettromedia can boast excellent quality levels in its corporate processes.

In 1999 it was one of the first car stereo companies to get ISO 9001 quality certification; this result was further improved in 2003 through ISO 9001:2000 certification, usually called Vision 2000. In 2010 it was certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant. During July 2018 the Quality System was updated according to ISO 9001 in the new 2015 edition in accordance with the company mission, aimed at the satisfaction of the customers’ expectations and needs, from strategic planning to after sales service.

Elettromedia’s team’s offices are comfortable and bright. The “Open Space” office model represents the corporate philosophy: utmost transparency in its decisions and relationships.