Elettromedia has started a program to guide its own business activities in a socially responsible way. The company is inspired by the principle of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as defined by the European Commission’s Green Paper in July 2001 and by the following communication of the European Commission ( nr. 681 dated October 25th 2011): Corporate Social Responsibility is “the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their commercial operations and their relationships with their partners.

Elettromedia is aware of the social impact of its activities and supports the following principles:
– adopt practices and behaviours that will ensure freedom and dignity for all employees and for all who have a connection with Elettromedia activities;
– reject all forms of forced labour and exploitation;
– promote and encourage the development of the territory in which the company operates;
– support professional growth and learning within the company;
– promote awareness of corporate social responsibility and sensitivity to social problems among its employees.

Elettromedia acknowledges the strong equivalence existing between environment health and human health. In this sense, the company operates to protect the environment by ensuing the following practices:
– recycle materials whenever possible;
– streamline consumption by eliminating waste;
– dispose waste in accordance with the existing regulations;
– sensitise employees to environmental issues.

Our headquarters are designed according to Building Automation, or Intelligent Building, which identifies a building designed and constructed to ensure an integrated management of the structure, optimising energy use. The use of sophisticated machinery, such as a condensing boiler with fumes recovery, a refrigerator unit with heat recovery, glass surfaces with high thermal insulation and UV filters, etc., together with reduced energy use: all this considerably limits the environmental impact.

In 2010 Elettromedia decided to focus with determination on renewables, particularly investing in PV through two projects: a first system to meet the energy needs of the plant, effectively nullifying the carbon dioxide emission required by the production of energy for business activities; and a second system to produce clean energy to enter the commercial market.

Elettromedia conducts its business by pursuing the following principles:
– always pursue economic, financial and capital excellence;
– respect the principles of fairness and transparency in all administrative and financial activities;
– ensure transparency and clarity to employees and suppliers on payment and refund possibilities.

In support of an extensive and immediate knowledge, Elettromedia starts the Visicom project: an information area that displays on a monitor strategic information and objectives of business relevance. The logistic department has a modern, integrated stocking system and a sophisticated, computerised control, rotating warehouse, which permits to stock components which would otherwise need 200 square metres in about 8.